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We are just about to transfer all our T-shirts to our site on StoreEnvy. We've started by adding five new designs and will soon have additional designs available. We're also going to transfer all the Classic and More designs that you've seen on this site to the StoreEnvy site.

The print-on-demand shirts are digitally printed and I think they look really nice. But if you're old fashioned like me and like the look of hand-silkscreened designs, you might want to order off this site soon before we make the transfer.

Posters will stay here for the foreseeable future and for awhile you'll be able to order shirts and posters that can be shipped together.

You can still buy all the classic shirts and posters that are on this site just as you have before, by requesting a PayPal invoice or by filling out and mailing the printable order form with your check. Just use the icons on each side of the page and read the information on the Order Page to understand what we need to be able to fill your order. You can purchase additional authorized variations of our T-shirts, at Gearheart Shirts for the Spark Plug shirt, or by going to The Bus Depot for a different version of the VW Bus shirt. (More info on VW Bus T-shirt variations on our T-shirtz Page.) Finally, visit Airhead Parts for even more designs.



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Take a look at our new T-shirt designs at: