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How to Keep Your VW Alive
The Septic System Owner's Manual
The Velvet Monkeywrench
Harley Davidson Guide 1
Harley Davidson Guide 2
This is a revised edition of our handbook and guide to the basics of septic systems. Emphasis is on conventional septic systems powered by gravity flow, filtering through soil, and the natural soil organisms that purify sewage. The book covers, in addition to septic tanks and drainfields, septic system maintenance, what to do if things go wrong, and advanced systems such as shallow drainfields, effluent filters, and trickling bio-filters. There are also chapters on graywater systems, composting toilets, and a unique history of water-borne waste disposal. There are over 28 million septic systems in America, and this book shows homeowners how to keep them healthy and functional.

Are you ready for a radical yet practical way for humankind to live in balance, sensibly using what the Earth and human enterprise have to offer? Here are detailed plans for a truly consensual society!  From universal human rights and a justice system based on truth to new concepts in education and public transportation, author John Muir presents his highly original, often outrageously common sense ideas for creating a reasonable society based on peace and harmony.The Velvet Monkey Wrench is delightfully and abundantly illustrated by cartoon genius Peter Aschwanden.

Vol. 1 (tan cover) is the chain (primary) 1941-1959 OHV manual (302 pages): Maintenance • Knuckle & Pan Motors (break-in) • Oil Changing • Oil Tank Cleaning • Valve Adjustment • Timing • Rocker Cover Gasket Replacement (in frame) • Primary and Rear Chain Adjustment • Clutch, Primary, Rear Chain and Hub Liner Replacement •  Electrical • Battery • In-Line Fuse • Generators 32E, 58A, 61A • Lifts • Braze Welding • Metal Bumping • Painting • Tools •  Parts & Products  

First published in 1969, this is the classic "Idiot Book" the equips VW owners with the knowledge to handle every situation they will come across with any air-cooled Volkswagen built through 1978. With easy-to-understand, fun-to-read information, this book takes the mystery out of diagnostic, maintenance, and repair procedures, and offers some chuckles along the way. Illustrated by Peter Aschwanden, this edition features new information on troubleshooting, new photos, and an updated resource list.

Vol. 2 (blue cover) is the belt (primary) 1941-1959 OHV manual (192 pages) in a close-margined format to reduce page count. Three different fonts make easy reading. New information for: Motor Sealing • Crankcase Oil Passage Sealing • Transmission • Belt Drive • Frame • Handlebars • Steering Lock • Fuel Tank Emblems • Fender Trim • Generator • Wiring • Forks • Front  Brakes • Rear Brakes • Tire Changing
This book covers maintenance & repair of your L and Z Series Datsun/Nissan 1968-1986 cars and trucks (510-610-710-521-620-720). Written by Colin Messer and beautifully illustrated by Peter Aschwanden. In a departure from his usual pen and ink drawings, Peter used pencil and colored pencil throughout. The author writes in the introduction, "John Muir inspired me to write this book in 1977, shortly before his death.... Even before I met John, his personality came through the pages, creating a human link between owner and vehicle....Our times are different, but the subject is pretty much the same....The Datsun/Nissan is an easy car (or truck) to work on. Although it's different from your old VW's 40 hp, or Chrysler's "slant-six," the Datsun/Nissan L and Z series engines are equally stout workers...If you own one of the cars or trucks listed here, this book is for you."
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