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Ada Brown and Bill Light looking at the artLast month we went to a wonderful photography exhibit of VW art by Jack Parsons that is showing at the Patina Gallery in Jack Parsons and Allison BarnettSanta Fe. The exhibit will be up until May 29.

Jack Parsons is renowned for photographs that made lowriders an art form. This time he turned his camera on the Volkswagen for a nostalgic trip to the Sixties. The photos are quite beautiful and abstract, but you can still see enough of the original Volkswagens to know (or guess!) what they are.

We've included three images from the exhibit opening reception here. The first image at the top shows one of the photos, Badge in Fiery Orange by Jack Parsons. (courtesy of Patina Gallery.) The caption for the second image is: Visitors to Patina Gallery study a Jack Parsons photograph at the exhibition opening on April 29. (Photo by Dianne Stromberg of Patina Gallery) and shows our very own Ada Brown of John Muir Publications and Bill Light. The third is: Jack Parsons and Allison Barnett, co-owner of Patina, enjoy the artist's reception. (Photo by Dianne Stromberg)

If you can't make it to the exhibition, the beautiful images are online at Patina Gallery's website. Just click on BUGS & BUSES Jack Parson's Found Art. But to get the full experience of the gorgeous colors and texures in the photos, try to get by to see them in person.

As always, to purchase any of our T-shirts or our posters, use the icons on each side of the page. And to purchase additional authorized variations of our T-shirts, including the Spark Plug shirt, type Peter's name into the search engines of Airhead Parts or go to The Bus Depot. (More info on VW Bus T-shirt variations on our T-shirtz Page.)



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Badge in Fiery Orange by Jack Parsons
Badge in Fiery Orange by Jack Parsons,
courtesy of Patina Gallery