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spark plug t-shirt If you are ordering Christmas gifts, the Post Office says that the last day for orders to reach you by the 24th is Saturday the 20th. In order to ship on that date, we need to receive your payment by midnight on Friday the 19th.

If you're running late with your holiday gifts (or even if you're not), why not order a printable gift certificate? Then that special someone can order exactly what they want. Click on the ORDER link for a picture of the gift certificate and ordering instructions.

Once again we're including Peter's popular Christmas coloring book for you to download. In 1997 Peter created this booklet for the local Palace of the Governors museum. The original, titled Christmas at the Palace, is 8 1/2" x 11" with a brown cover and wonderful descriptions of each of the eight black and white coloring pages. The images were adapted by Peter from photographs in the Palace of the Governors Photo Archives. The image shown here is the cover drawing. There are a limited number of copies of the original coloring book left and they can be ordered from Thomas Leech at the Palace of the Governors Print Shop.

We are making all eight pages and the cover available here for download and printing (personal use only, please). Our images are slightly smaller and we don't have the nifty brown cover or the cool descriptions, but I think you'll really enjoy them. Either download all nine images together (about 6MB) or page by page:

Victorian Christmas at the Palace
Santa Fe Plaza, ca. 1912
Burro Alley Wood Bearers, ca. 1900
Baking in an Horno, 1940
"Los Pastores," ca. 1910

La Fonda Hotel Posada Figures, ca. 1930
San Juan Matachine Dancers, 1935
Cochiti Pueblo Mission Church, 1974

To purchase any of the fine merchandise we offer, or simply to say hi, use the icons on each side of the page. And to purchase additional authorized variations on our T-shirts, type Peter's name into the search engine of Airhead Parts or go to The Bus Depot. (More info on VW Bus T-shirt variations on our T-shirtz Page.)

Unfortunately, this year we have had to raise prices on our T-shirts and our black & white reprint posters. T-shirts are now $22.00 for S-XL and $23.50 for XXL shirts. The posters have increased to $12.00.



Pay for your order by midnight, December 19th to receive it by Christmas Eve.

Download and print Peter's Christmas at the Palace coloring book (see below).