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I Almost Forgot About WIPPPeter did very few political drawings, but he did design the T-shirt to the right to publicize problems with WIPP. WIPP stands for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Situated near Carlsbad, New Mexico, it is the nation's first and only deep underground repository for the disposal of a certain kind of radioactive weapons waste–mostly plutonium contaminated waste.

It's called a pilot plant because it was supposed to demonstrate that safe, deep underground disposal of this waste was possible. Unfortunately, last Valentine's Day WIPP had a radioactive release and at least 21 workers were internally contaminated. Radioactive contamination travelled off-site and despite assurances to the contrary, the site is still releasing a higher than normal level of radioactivity into the air.

For more information about WIPP, go to www.CARDNM.org and for information on radioactive and other threats to New Mexico, including an interactive map of threats, go to www.SacredTrustNM.org.

Peter's design is more perfect now than it was when he designed it about 15 years ago because now, many people really have forgotten about WIPP. It takes something like this release to bring it all back.

For a limited time we have these T-shirts for sale in white or sand (a darker tan) in men's sizes S-XXL, and in white or blue in women's sizes S-XL. Like all our shirts, they are $20 plus shipping and handling (and tax if you live in New Mexico). First check T-shirt availability and then request a Paypal invoice if you would like to use a credit card. Or you can print and fill out the Order Form and pay by check. Tell us that you want the WIPP T-shirt and let us know what men's or women's size you'd like, what color t-shirt, and include your address and zip code. All profits from sales of the T-shirt will go to groups fighting to protect the environment in New Mexico.

To purchase any of the other fine merchandise we offer, or simply to say hi, use the icons on each side of the page. And to purchase additional authorized variations of our T-shirts, type Peter's name into the search engine of Airhead Parts or go to The Bus Depot. (More info on VW Bus T-shirt variations on our T-shirtz Page.) Check out Peter's spark plug design at Gearheart Shirts as well.

We are also working with a new company, TWIG which makes iPhone 5 & 5s cases out of bamboo. They have an etched edition of the Exploded Beetle case so if you have an iPhone, be sure to check it out.


Read interviews with Peter's friends, family and with JMP folks on our Facebook Fanpage.

We're going out of town again from June 13 through June 30th. If you want us to ship to you before we go, payment must be received by 9:00 am Mountain Time on June 12th.

We will continue to process orders and send invoices while we're gone and will ship those orders when we return.