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One of Peter's StudiosTo the right is a picture of Peter's downstairs studio in Santa Fe showing some of his paintings and the Wizard of Oz head he made for a local theater production (eyes and mouth move!) In front is the green bird house that he built, carved and painted to fit under the eaves of his home in the mountains. And on the left below is an early painting he did in 1967 while living in Brooklyn called Table Plus One.

We've decided to continue to add more T-shirt designs and colors to our site on StoreEnvy but to keep some of the original T-shirts on this site for awhile as well. Eventually we will transfer all the Classic and More designs to the StoreEnvy site.

Table Plus OneThe print-on-demand shirts are digitally printed and I think they look really nice. But if you're old fashioned like me and like the look of hand-silkscreened designs, you can find them here.

Posters will stay here for the foreseeable future.

And you can still buy all the T-shirts and posters that are on this site just as you have before, by requesting a PayPal invoice or by filling out and mailing the printable order form with your check. Just use the icons on each side of the page and read the information on the Order Page to understand what we need to be able to fill your order. You can purchase additional authorized variations of our T-shirts, at Gearheart Shirts for the Spark Plug shirt, or by going to The Bus Depot for a different version of the VW Bus shirt. (More info on VW Bus T-shirt variations on our T-shirtz Page.)



Read interviews with Peter's friends, family and with JMP folks on our Facebook Fanpage.

New colors and designs coming soon at:

We will be out of town from Friday, June 16th through Monday June 26th. We won't be processing or shipping items you order from this site during that time. However, anything you order through http://flathead.storenvy.com/ will be processed immediately.